New Braunfels Video And Photography
Memorial Tribute Videos
We are truly honored when a family considers us for this type of video.
There are many different situations when we're contacted. Sometimes the person is still alive or has passed on. We're also available for last minute situations.

We provide photography and video with great respect for all types of live gatherings. If we take photo's, they'll be added in the video as a unique animated photo show. If you have photo's or video's of your own, we can produce a professional presentation.

Narration and personal interviews can be added to anything we produce. We're also available to travel to a specific location to add more impact and for interviews to create a more personalized video.
You'll recieve the completed video and any photo's on a USB External Hard Drive that we can provide or the customer can provide it.

In just about all situations this type of video is understandably very private.

We offer as with all our video work the option to have it on our Vimeo website with no ads and annoying notifications.

The advatage to this option is that for as long as we're in business the video will be available for you to share anytime. It can be open to the public or password proteced. This can make the day one or ten years later down the road to show someone any where in the world.

Keeping the memory alive with video and photography.  A dear friend of ours, Dana Howard passed away. In our mind NBVAP said, "No"! Fortunately and with no surprise a few others said the same thing.
Click the photo below to see the power of ... Love Ya Dana!